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Private French teachers

You never stuyed french, and you want to learn it.

You have some bases and want to keep making progresses.

You need to get prepared for a trip in France.

You need French for work (actual work or for a job interview).

You need to get prepared for an exam (school exam or Delf-Dalf).

You are looking for homework assistance for your childrens (from 10 yo).

You want to translate documents to french

Our french


learn french

Private and personalized classes

Flexible and adapted to your availabilities 



Method to learn french


A very unique method



For all ages / levels




We send you the material to learn fench at home


All the material is included


Same quality as presencial classes​

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Reserve your free

presentation class

Classes, where & when you want to

Online classes allows you a huge time flexibility.

You can enjoy any free time of your day: our teachers adapt themselves to your availability 

Private and personalized classes

We are able to adapt our classes to every student, his level and his own personal objectives.

We will work around subject we decide together and will develop your communication skills through thing you are really interested in.

Before we start classes, our teachers will give you a free presentation class in order to present themself, determine your level and speak in person about your expectations regarding the classes.

To reserve your presentation class, please click here!

A very unique method

For those of you who never took french classes, we developed a unique methode:

Starting from zero, with a minimum of personal work, you will be able to speak french within 6 months!

For those who already have bases, who already studied french or already speak it, we offer classes for all profiles: all ages and all levels:  Homework support, exam preparation, (DELF/DALF),

trip preparation,  conversation class, professional french... 

Skype classes quality

In term of quality, online classes are equal to face to face classes.

You will have the entire teacher's attention, just like if he/she where next to you.


The only thing you need is a free Skype account: 

You can download it here.


All the material nedded is includedWe will transmit you all our own material (lessons, exercises, activities...) adapted to your level and your progresses.


We can translate every kind of document to french.

Ask for your cost estimate here

Our digital content

We create digital content specially made for Students.

They will help you progress where you really need.


One week for 4 people

in France

Thanks to

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