Our students satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

Thank you for entrusting us!​



Ilenia, 20, student

Barcelona, Spain

I took intensive classes to get prepared to my DELF B2 exam

In only two months of classes, my teachers prepared me so well, with specifics exercices and i went on the exam very aware of what i had to do.

At the end i got my B2 exam! 

Oscar, 29, banker

Barcelona, Spain

I prepared my B2 exam with France Online.

The online classes system is really convenient to me.

I use to have classes from work, whenever i have time to do so.

I passed my B2 exam and i'am very happy

Inma, 26, teacher

Jerez, Spain

I needed a bit of help to prepare the DELF exam B2.


In only 5 classes my teachers helped me with a lot of doubts i had and corrected many spoken mistakes and got me reaggy for the oral exam..

Classes are dynamic, thank to you i got the B2!!

100% recommandable. 

Fabiola, 26, lawyer           

Cancun, Mexico

I take particular classes while i’am studying international languages in the Cancun university.

What I like about that course is that I can follow the personalized program they made for me or study a specific subject I want to work on.

I really recommend it to you!


Cormac, 35, lawyer

Edinburgh , Ireland

I have been having regular lessons with Francés Online for the last 6 months and I have noticed a real improvement in my level of French, particularly my spoken French. 

I had tried other online French lessons and I can safely say that Francés Online has been the best by far

Also, the worksheets for grammar topics are incredibly useful and easy to follow.

Delia, 31, Int. buyer

Bucharest, Romania


I decided to give a try based on a friend’s recommendation. When i mooved to Paris i was in search of private classes since I felt that the group ones did not offer me the level of attention I needed.

The classes really helped me to relax and overcome the shyness I had to speak. I feel an enormous improvement and much more confidence to speak and write in French.

Damian, 35, Ingineer

Tel Aviv, Israël 

Study a language through video conference is the best way i found to keep studying French

Beside with Francés Online it is individual and I can coordinate the most convenient time for me to do the class.


Studying trough the computer give me the possibilities to used tools I could not use in a regular class. I really recommend it

Celia, 61, lawyer

Madrid, Spain

I studied French at college and I had a hard time understanding when someone talked to me.

Thanks to conversational classes, I could relax a lot and doing it online is really convenient because I can have class whenever I want to have it.

I now live and work in Bruxelles and I realized how many progresses I have made in my spoken French


Concepcion, 55, shop owner

Sevilla, Spain

I registered myself before a trip to Paris with my husband and that is the best idea i've got!

In just a few hours, i could reactivated what i've learned at school 40 years ago.

I went to France very confident in my french abilities and it help me a lot during my french trip!

Thanks to all the team!

Nneka, 38, science communicator

Londres, England

I have been having French Lessons with Francés Online for a few months and I’m really pleased with their method of teaching. 

The lesson is tailored to my needs and perfects for the areas where I need improvement. 

The lessons are always interesting and are giving me confidence to discuss a range of issues in French.

Paula, 34, negotiator

Bogota, Colombia

 My teacher is  excelent, she always come to class well prepared and has a very structured way to do things.

She adapts to my necesities and is very flexible.

I'am very happy that i decided to try online classes and i recommend it to you 100%


Azadeh & Olechka, 28 et 29

New York, USA

We were beginners and we made considerable progresses!

We study together, and it’s very encouraging and fun to have a class with your friend!

Online language classes are the most convenient way to learn a language because we’re getting individualized approach with a native speaker!

Isa & Sara, 16 et 18, Students

Ovideo, Spain

We are sisters, we take classes for some months now and it helped us a lot.

Not only we learn grammar and vocabulary but we also work on many different documents and topics, which help us to express ourselves a lot.

The teachers helps us with school topics and homework, this is really useful. We are very happy with this system.


Sofiya, 12 years old

Peiya, Chypre

Hello everyone!

I take French classes online for 6 months now, and the classes are interesting and fun to learn.

It helps me a lot at school.

I take class in my room, from home so it’s really convenient for me.

Sukrit, 12 year old

Wettingen, Switerland

Hello my name is Sukrit,

I like to take French class and it helps me a lot  at school and for my homeworks.

The classes from home are the best because

I don’t have to go outside and I’am comfortable at home

Bhavya, 13 year old

Wettingen, Suisse

Hi my name is Bhavya and i live in switerland

I take french class for over a year now and i like it!

It helps me understand dificult thing i do at school and i study my exams with my teacher.

The clases from computer are very cool because my teacher sends me a lot of very usefull documents 

Danny, 14 year old

Madrid, Spain

Before i started classes, i had  4/10 in french and now after 3 months of classes, i have 8/10!!!

The classes helped me a lot, they where very interesting 

Now i'am going to France to practice !